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At Accent Music we're passionate about music... teaching music... performing music... and helping people of all ages grow and experience the joys of musical accomplishment. If you are interested in learning to play an instrument or advance your current level of musical ability, we have highly-skilled, professional musicians on staff to help you learn, develop, and advance your musical abilities to their highest possible level.

Our goal is to see aspiring musicians like you grow in your musical appreciation, ability, and skill. Whether you are interested in guitar lessons, piano lessons, or any other lessons at our music school, every music lesson here is given with the greatest of care and concern for your musical development. We are absolutely positive that once you experience our approach, you will understand why thousands of people have come for our music instruction. That is just how confident we are with the musical experience you will have with us.

Music can be a life changing gift, if it is developed and nurtured in the right way. That is what we are all about at Accent Music . Helping you experience the joy of music in a whole new way. Come experience the difference.


  • Acoustic Guitar
    - Chris Buckley, Greg Barnett, John Dittmann, Jordan Bay, & Mark West
  • Banjo
    - Chris Buckley
  • Baritone
    - Nathan Stricker
  • Bass Guitar
    - Chris Buckley, & Greg Barnett
  • Clarinet
    - Dana Koehn, Greg Barnett, & Jordan Bay
  • DJ Services
    - Chris Buckley
  • Drum
    - Brad Martin, & Dana Koehn
  • Electric Guitar
    - Chris Buckley, Greg Barnett, John Dittmann, Jordan Bay, & Mark West
  • Euphonium
    - Nathan Stricker
  • Fiddle
    - Devon Kirsch
  • Flute
    - Greg Barnett, & Jordan Bay
  • French Horn
    - Nathan Stricker
  • Guitar
    - Chris Buckley, Greg Barnett, John Dittmann, Jordan Bay, & Mark West
  • Irish Whistle
    - Greg Barnett
  • Mandolin
    - Chris Buckley
  • Percussion
    - Brad Martin
  • Piano
    - Christyona O'Sullivan, Dana Koehn, Greg Barnett, John Dittmann, Mark West, & Warren Gilmore
  • Recording Engineers, DJ's
    - Chris Buckley
  • Saxophone
    - Dana Koehn, Greg Barnett, & Jordan Bay
  • Trombone
    - Dana Kohen & Nathen Stricker
  • Trumpet
    - Dana Koehn & Nathan Stricker
  • Viola
    - Devon Kirsch
  • Violin
    - Devon Kirsch
  • Voice
    - Rachell Crayton, & Warren Gilmore

Instructors and Personnel

  • Brad Martin
    - Drum and Percussion Instructor
  • Chris Buckley
    - Banjo, Bass Guitar, Guitar, Mandolin, and Ukelele Instructor, and DJ
  • Chris O'Sullivan
    - Piano Instructer
  • Dana Koehn
    - Saxophone, Piano, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone Instructor
  • Devon Kirsch
    - Viola, Violin, and Beginner Piano Instructor
  • Greg Barnett
    - Bass Guitar, Clarinet, Flute, Guitar, Saxophone, and Piano Instructor
  • John Dittmann
    - Piano and Guitar Instructor
  • Jordan Bay
    - Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, and Guitar
  • Nathan Stricker
    - All Brass Instructor
  • Mark West
    - Piano and Guitar Instructor
  • Rachell Crayton
    - Vocal Instructor
  • Warren Gilmore
    - Vocal Instructor / Voice Coach and Piano Instructor

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